Klinaklini Glacier from Mt.Somolenko near Mt.Waddington, BC: 1949 - today
  Use slider or touch to fade 1949 airphoto; compare to current landscape; use the measure tool.

Utilizing (only) the 1949 airphoto, a loss of approx. 10 km2 of glacial surface area.
 Further reading:
Glacial changes of five southwest British Columbia icefields, Canada, mid-1980s to 1999 Journal of Glaciology 54(186), pgs.469-478, 2008.
Comparison of modeled and geodetically-derived glacier mass balance for Tiedemann and Klinaklini glaciers, southern Coast Mountains, British Columbia, Canada Global and Planetary Change 82, pgs74-85, 2012.
  Canada aerial photo roll number A12131 Photo 187, 1949.

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